The project PHOENIX – NCBiR aims to measure heart’s regenerative potential with use of autological mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) given to patients with advanced heart failure directly to the cardiac muscle or through stem cell-enriched scaffold. The project is dedicated to patients with acute and symptomatic ischaemic heart disease who used up all the assets of modern pharmacological and surgical treatment, i.e. the so called “no-option patients”.
The stem cell-enriched scaffold (CERES) developed and tested in terms of the project PHOENIX is bound to ultimately become a complete product stimulating the revascularisation of ischaemic parts of the cardiac muscle and recovering its contractibility. Three unique clinical trials conducted in terms of the project has contributed to acquiring knowledge about the therapeutical and commercial potential of MSC and CERES. Hence, the project aims to grant broad population of patients access to modern and affordable treatment increasing lifespan and improving the quality of life

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