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We encourage you to get acquainted with Our offer in the field of biological evaluation of medical devices in accordance with the requirements of ISO PN/EN 10993, in the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standard.

Tests are carried out using specialized equipment that allows us to perform tests under both in vitro and in vivo systems. Thanks to the implemented quality standards and continuous supervision of research processes, it is possible to ensure the reliability of the analyses performed and the results obtained. Multispecialty laboratories, including the Cell Laboratory or the in vivo research systems living quarters, are equipped with apparatus for culture and observation of cell systems, preparation of reference and test materials, histological analyses, or monitoring of environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity). The qualified and experienced staff of the Silesian Park of Medical Technology Kardio-Med Silesia, including biotechnologists, quality control specialists, zootechnicians and veterinarians, acting in accordance with the adopted Quality Assurance System, ensure the welfare of in vivo research systems, and compliance with research procedures, with dedicated by standards from the ISO PN/EN 10993 group..


We can perform biological evaluation tests of medical devices based on standards from the ISO PN/EN 10993 group for you both with and without GLP certification.

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