Silesian Medical Technology Park Kardio-Med Silesia

Kardio-Med Silesia is a modern scientific research centre meeting the highest European standards established on September 21st, 2015.

In Kardio-Med Silesia Medical Technology Park we have created facilities and a friendly environment for the development of science and innovative technologies as well as favourable conditions to support initiatives for increase of entrepreneurship region- and countrywide. Thus, we have established the following units: Centre for Medical Technology Development, Regenerative Medicine and Isolated Tissue and Organ Laboratory, Genomics Laboratory, Cell and Tissue Bank, Test and Implementation Laboratory of New Technologies and Medical Devices, Laboratory of Environmental and Civilizational Hazards, Laboratory of Isolated Organs, Knowledge and Education Platform, Telemedicine Laboratory and Center, and Kardio-Med Silesia Clinic Complex.

Within the park’s infrastructure, there is all the equipment necessary for conducting pre-clinical and clinical trials in the following specialties: cardiology, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, oncology, diabetology, geriatrics as well as environmental diseases and diseases of affluence.

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