GLP Research Unit – Bio-printing and 3D printing laboratory

Bioprinting and 3D printing laboratory of Kardio-Med Silesia has printers operating in FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling), SLA (stereolithography – curing a photosensitive resin with light) and bioprinting based on extrusion or electrospray methods (EMD dispersion head).

We have the following printers:

Raise3D E2 3D printer – a FDM 3D printer with an enclosed chamber with the IDEX system – two independent heads and a flexible printing platform. The printer also offers a relatively large working area of 330 × 240 × 240 mm. The Rise3D E2 can print from a wide range of materials requiring print temperatures of up to 300°C. Print from PLA, ABS, HIPS, PC, TPU, TPE, NYLON, PETG, ASA, PP, PVA, glass fibre filaments, carbon fibre filaments, metal-filled filaments, wood-filled filaments.

Formlabs FORM 3B 3D printer (medical version) – is a Low Force Stereolithography™ (LFS) printer using photo-curable resins and has a 405 nm UV laser. The printing area is 145 x 145 x 185 mm. The laser spot size is 85 microns and the layer size from 25 microns, which enables a much higher print resolution compared to the FDM method. The wide range of materials (technical resins with different parameters and medical resins) allows to adapt to a specific project. The available resins are ideal for engineering, medicine, dentistry or jewellery.

Celink BioX bioprinter – a bioprinter for research applications working in sterile conditions and printing with biological materials (bioink) including living cells. The printer has 3 printheads capable of printing different types of materials and using different printing methods as required. The set includes pneumatic extrusion heads and a syringe extruder (printing hydrogels, suspensions and pastes), a pneumatic extruder for thermoplastics and an electrospray printhead. The bioprinter allows table temperature control in the range 5-60oC and heads temperature control in the range 5-220oC. The working field of the bioprinter is 130x90x70 mm. The bioprinter allows additional crosslinking of photo-curable materials in the range of 365 nm, 405 nm, 485 nm and 520 nm.

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